Life Opportunity Job

Authorized by the territorial labour inspectorate for the search, selection and insertion of caregivers and nursing personnel.

Life Opportunity Health

“The Seventh Sense Project”.
The sixth sense is the ability to instinctively protect ourselves from immediate risks and dangers.
The seventh sense protects the elderly with the help of innovative technology.
Through a home automation network consisting of different types of sensors, we control and improve the psycho-physical well-being of the patient.

Life Opportunity Service

We take care of you wherever you are.
It always gives you an adequate response to any health needs, acting promptly from the time of request.

The founders decided with the company Life Opportunity to set themselves as a reference point to the population by offering multi-services in the field of social health.

“The look towards 2025, for us insiders, is an invitation to focus on innovation on a human scale, a litmus test that – while comforting us on the potential results – on the other hand calls for a thoughtful analysis of our strategies, our processes, our ability to create synergies within the entire health ecosystem. Partnerships will be essential, along with an open mind, a true ecosystem culture, they are all key elements for digital health to become an integral part of our health.”