Small gestures make much more than a thousand words ….

The commitment of a young woman, Valeria, to whom one of our Ukrainian caregivers (a person we have known for some time) turned desperately to ask for concrete help for the arrival of the daughter and two daughters-in-law with 6 grandchildren fleeing the war.

Assisted by the Mayor of Vallio Terme, Mrs. Roberta, they quickly found a very respectable accommodation for 3 mothers and 6 children who arrived in Brescia last night. Women who do great concrete things on the one hand and often on the other hand men intoxicated by the desire to appear that show only smoke and mirrors to those who observe them without ever getting to the point!


We fully agree with Confindustria Romania and with its operation equivalent to our idea of work.

We have tried not to overlap with those extremely valiant and highly supportive activities of non-profit organizations as sending food materials and psychological support to children.
We have tried to look a little further, that is, what will surely emerge in the post-hospitality.

This is the contribution of Confindustria Romania, a farsighted contribution aimed at the dignity of people and not overlapping with what many non-profit organizations and private citizens are bringing to stem this huge humanitarian problem.



At this moment LifeOpportunity can concretely help the Ukrainian people.

Our help consists in hosting refugees fleeing Ukraine in suitable facilities, they will be supported under the psychological aspect, which is the main problem in these situations.

Who requests it and who is suitable can have the possibility to undertake a course of about two months where it will be taught the Italian language and the profession of caregiver.

Subsequently, having reached the necessary skills, they will be inserted in our families in northern Italy as caregivers with a regular contract.

It is important that the documentation is regular for the recruitment.

The goal is to find a solution to hospitality that should not be static but dynamic, allowing other people to have the same opportunity.

We try our best and our previous work with our employer partners is a guarantee.


Ce vrem sa facem in viitor……


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What should we foresee in the future ……. 




Let’s hope that in 2022 everything goes well, they are ready to take the course of A.S.A. or O.S.S. with 160 hours less


It should be read and understood especially by all those people who think they know this reality, but are probably not able to understand it or do not want to hear it.
And with “DON’T DISCUSS WITH DONKEYS” the circle is closed.
This situation with the need for work on the one hand and the need for assistance on the other will continue into the future.
We close a 2021 with Joys and Regrets and with the 2022 goal of bringing innovation and concrete solutions.

The donkey said to the tiger: – “The grass is blue.” The tiger replied: – “No, the grass is green.” The discussion was heated and the two decided to submit it to arbitration, and for this they agreed before the lion, the king of the jungle. Even before reaching the clearing in the forest, where the lion was sitting on his throne, the donkey began to shout: – “Your Highness him, is it true that the grass is blue?” The lion replied: – “Right, the grass is blue.” The donkey hastened and continued: – “The tiger disagrees with me and she contradicts me and annoys me, please punish her.” The king then declared: – “The tiger will be punished with 5 years of silence.” The donkey jumped happily and continued his journey, happy and repeating: – “The grass is blue” … The tiger accepted his punishment, but first asked the lion: – “His Majesty, why did you punish me? After all, the grass is green. ” The lion replied: – “In reality, the grass is green.” The tiger asked: – “Then why are you punishing me?” The lion replied: – “This has nothing to do with the question of whether the grass is blue or green. The punishment is due to the fact that it is not possible for a brave and intelligent creature like you to waste time arguing with a donkey, and then come to annoy me with that question. ” The worst waste of time is arguing with the foolish and fanatic who does not care about truth or reality, but only about overcoming his beliefs and illusions. Never waste time in arguments that make no sense … There are people who, no matter how much evidence and evidence we present, are unable to understand, and others are blinded by ego, hatred and resentment, and the only thing they want is to be right even if they are not. When ignorance screams, intelligence is silent. Your peace and quiet are worth more.


“Training those who take care”

October 2021


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  • Assistants Arrived N ° 8
  • Assumptions made N ° 6
  • Return to Homeland N ° 1
  • Expulsion from Course N ° 1  Unfortunately, after 8 days, a student proved to have problems with her lifestyle choice, incompatible with the job of Family Assistant. Nothing had leaked out in the initial talks. This forced us to gently remove her from the course.


“Training those who take care”

September 2021

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Although with some difficulties due to the current health situation, we were able to start the “Training those who take care” course. The ten participants are all vaccinated, some have chosen to do it before leaving Romania and an assistant was able to do it immediately after arriving in Italy, congratulations to the Lombardy Region who gave her the opportunity in 24 hours.

For the start of work scheduled for the week 18/23 October there were no problems of insertions throughout Northern Italy

  • Assistants Arrived N ° 10
  • Assumptions made N ° 7
  • Return to Homeland N ° 1
  • Voluntary set aside N ° 2


The 4th course 2021 “Training those who take care” is about to start with the subsequent job placement in northern Italy.
Even if some mistakes have been made, we always try to improve ourselves.

I have two very important news:

1) With the course “Training those who take care” totally free of 192 hours we were able to obtain the release of a certificate of attendance certified as License for Family Assistants, you have the article published below by an authoritative newspaper “Il Sole24 ore “, the certification had been requested by the Ministry to operate as a Caregiver, currently it is not yet mandatory but it will soon be.

2) With the totally free “Training those who take care” course, 160 hours of the course will also be recognized to complete the number of hours of the school of ASA Social Assistance Operator (800 Total hours) or OSS Social Health Operator (1,000 Total hours) in the Region Lombardy, a figure that will be in great demand now and in the future.

In summary, those who participate in our project take a 190-hour course – they are awarded a recognized certificate – are hired with a good regular salary as a family assistant and working for a few months can save to be able to take the Asa or Oss course with 160 fewer hours – we give them the possibility of a job in RSA as Asa or Oss which is very different from the job of a Cohabitant Caregiver.
It could also be a good prospect for young people.

This is the health care figure of ASA who is and will be even more in demand in the Lombard nursing homes.
A lower secondary school diploma is sufficient

This is the health care figure of OSS who is and will be even more in demand in the nursing homes “nursing homes” and hospitals in Lombardy.
You need a secondary school diploma.



“Training those who take care”

July 2021

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  • Assistants Arrived N ° 10
  • Assumptions made N ° 6
  • Return to Homeland N ° 3
  • Voluntary set aside N ° 1

After 4 days without a valid reason, a trainee went away furtively and without any explanation, she probably had everything already planned. However, the wise guys don’t get very far. (She is the lady who always wanted to be photographed, congratulations for the seriousness)


“Training those who take care”

May 2021

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  • Assistants Arrived N ° 10
  • Assumptions made N ° 10


“Training those who take care”

February 2021

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  • Assistants Arrived N ° 10
  • Assumptions made N ° 8
  • Return to Homeland N ° 2


“Training those who take care”

November 2020

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  • Assistants Arrived N ° 13
  • Assumptions made N ° 12
  • Return to Homeland N ° 1


“Training those who take care”

September 2020

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  • Assistants Arrived N ° 12
  • Assumptions made N ° 11
  • Return to Homeland N ° 1

First Arrivals
July 2020

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And here are the first arrivals even if we are in full pandemic, all inserted with CCNL CS in Lombard families

Assistants Arrived N ° 4
Assumptions made N ° 4

First Meetings

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Let’s start making the Project known

“Training those who take care”

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Christmas 2019

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Formation Center


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