The programme we have drawn up has the ultimate goal of including nurses in the various health realities of the European Community Member States who are able to speak, understand, write the language of the requesting state, but above all nurses who have a specific health training for the Hospital Operations Unit to which they will be assigned.

The company Life Opportunity to optimize the best and achieve the goal of including health staff (specifically nurses with diplomas equated to Nurses of Foreign States), proposes the following selection program.

The selection process is divided into two specific phases: Recruitment, Selection.

In our opinion, these moments represent the fundamental stages of entry of a worker, a process that aims to achieve the “mission” in acceptable times, with a minimum percentage of failure.

The goal of recruitment is to find the “right person for the right place.” The identification of the people implicates considerable problems, which are important to have very clear:

•          Who you are looking for and for what place

•          How large must be the number of interested parties

•          How to choose the right person

Recruitment is carried out in the candidate’s country of origin, consists of collecting the necessary documentation to access the selection and evaluation of work and training resumes.
The evaluation of work and training resumes is intended to divide the candidates to be selected based on their skills and past work experience.
Once recruited, the list of all candidates eligible for selection will be drawn up on paper.
The lists of recruited staff will have to be divided at the origin according to the characteristics of each person, there will be a list for Nurses of:

•          Intensive Care, Resuscitation

•          Hemodialysis, Nephrology

•          First aid and health emergency

•          Operating room tools

•          Cardiosurgery

•          General Surgery, Medicine

•          Rehabilitation, RSA, Home Care

Each candidate recruited according to his work and training resume will have to be included in the appropriate list, and will be selected with specific evaluation according to the hospital operating unit where he will then be placed.

The selection will then be divided by category.
The nursing staff to be recruited and admitted to the final selection stage, will have to match the following characteristics and make available the required documentation:

•          Application for admission to the selection in plain paper drawn up by the person concerned

•          Birth certificate (Ages 22-55)

•          Knowledge of the spoken and written Italian language

•          Original Nursing Diploma

•          Self-certified life resume accompanied by 2 card size photographs

•          Training and work resume.

All collected documentation must be submitted to the examining committee.
Selection is the procedure by which the selection of candidates called in the recruitment phase is made.
The general objectives of the selection are:

•          Ensuring as objective a judgment as possible is given to all those who aspire to a particular job

•          Ensuring access to the most suitable candidates, who have certain requirements

Since what needs to be done is an adequate correlation of the candidate in the place he or she will occupy, our selection methods correspond to the following tests to which the candidate will have to submit:

•          The committee’s view of all the documentation submitted by the candidate

•          Oral test interview

•          Compilation by the examining committee of the candidate’s scoreboard

•          Compilation by the committee of final rankings with a score divided by department type.

The participating examining committee will be the Director of Life Opportunity, as commission leader, a Life Opportunity Nursing Consultant and the Healthcare of the Recruitment Requesting Company.


Free language course
Free language course before transfer to the requesting country

Great career opportunities
Hospital-funded specialization. Free refresher and continuing training courses

An open-ended contract
Secure contract regulated by the collective agreement and with bonuses for overtime, nights and holidays

Support at all stagesWe will also help you during the process of insertion into the new city, you will never be alone!

Health insurance
Health insurance is included in the employment contract

Facilities for transfer
Travel and Accommodation for the first months free